Friday, February 1, 2013

U of M Was in the Right

I was disappointed this morning to see that the University of Michigan had tucked its tail between its legs, so to speak, on the issue of the Christian group that was in violation of the University non-discrimination policy. It issued this statement this morning, referring specifically to the Fox News article on the situation: 

This apparent attempt at damage control twists the situation, citing "not meeting the re-registration deadline" as the University's reason for not recognizing the group. There is no reason for this kind of dishonest clarification and the University needs to stick to its guns. Requiring a group to follow the rules is not discrimination. Allowing exceptions to the rules for stubborn Christian clubs is affording special rights to an already privileged groups.

A Facebook group has gone up in support of the InterVarsity Christian fellowship's claims. The title is ridiculous. There is already freedom to form religious groups and to have them recognized by the University. They are treated the same way as every other group and this is absolutely the way it should be.

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