Sunday, April 1, 2012

Looking Back...

(This was originally on my Tumblr. Thought I'd post it here for kicks.)

I was just watching the Thinking Atheist's video about Reason Rally sitting in the Union and remembering fondly where I was a week ago. I was here only a few tables away from where I sit now with 40 other people in my SSA. I was excited, but even then I had no way of knowing what that weekend would be like. Looking back, it's almost ironic how a gathering of naturalists could be so magical. It's almost miraculous that a rain-soaked field could so seamlessly transform into the breathtaking landscape that was the entirety of our movement. And yet, these things were neither magical, nor miraculous. They were entirely the product of human hands and minds coming together to create something beautiful for themselves and for the values that they hold dear. Feeling this way about Reason Rally reminds me what a joy it is to be an atheist and a humanist. Yes, I said it. I am joyful. I am joyful because not only do I marvel at the world and the people in it the way any theist would, but I know where that beauty comes from. We as humans observe it and create it. I am only a small part of the universe just as I was a small part of the Reason Rally and yet being a part of it filled me with more joy than I ever felt as a believer. I met new friends, I renewed old passions and I found myself falling in love over and over again in so many ways. I wish I could go back and capture every moment and memory. That being impossible, the moments I did capture will have to suffice.

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