Sunday, July 22, 2012

CFI Michigan Retreat Weekend!

I have just returned triumphantly from the CFI Michigan Secular Summer Retreat! Needless to say, it was an excellent time. I hadn't done much camping in the past, but I found it quite enjoyable. As always with secularist events, it's the people that make the event a success. The retreat was no exception. I met hordes of new secular Michiganders, many of whom were from the most religious parts of the state. I learned that CFI Michigan actually does quite a few activities, lectures, etc., but most of them are on the West side, across the state from Ann Arbor where I'm usually based. I also realized that CFI Michigan is an unusually diverse crowd for an atheist group. There was quite an even mix of women and men, young and old, passionate activists and casual community members, etc. The best part was that we all got along really well.

In the course of the weekend, I was crowned high priestess of my new cult of "Chiga Theism", became a member of the perverts' corner, saw grown men slip and slide down a wet billboard sign into a mud pit, met the sweetest golden retriever ever, saw an entire tray of grilled cheese be misplaced only to be discovered again the next morning and built a sand market economy. Don't know what I'm talking about? Better come next year and find out!

<<--- My one disappointment was that this guy couldn't make it. I am definitely dragging him next year.

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