Thursday, March 8, 2012

Joseph Kony: Christian Radical

You know what's interesting? The recent upsurge in support for the effort to eliminate Joseph Kony. Last year, I wrote on the problem of evil and used the situation in Uganda as an example, so you already know how I feel about the atrocities this man has committed. What really interests me though, is the fact that people, even in the atheist community really haven't jumped on the fact that Kony operates in the name of religion. More specifically, he operates in the name of Christianity.

I know that any Christian reading this is going to pull out a "no true scotsman" excuse, but I really don't want to hear it. Kony fully and truly believes that his cause is ordered and sanctified by the god of the bible.

One of my videos that is often criticized is the one where I assert that Christianity and Islam are equally dangerous. There is a common notion in America that Christians have become watered down in their beliefs and harmless whereas muslims are demonstrably still violently radical. Obviously, not ALL of EITHER group are radical. But ask any former child soldier from Uganda. That common notion is bullshit.'s_Resistance_Army

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