Saturday, October 8, 2011

JesusNotes Part 2

An unnamed family member of mine wrote this comment on the facebook status of one of her friends:

"I am thinking about how I pray, it is me, me, me. I am reading a great book right now. "Slave" by John MacArthur. The Greek translation of slave has been turned into servant, but we are not servants of the Lord, we are really slaves. We were bought at a price. He owns us. Think about being a slave in 1st century Israel. Do we live like we are Jesus' slaves? I know I don't."

There really are no words. WHY IS THIS A GOOD THING?? I am constantly and consistently baffled by the tendency of the very religious to revel in their own... well... slavery. 

Seriously. Why would you celebrate your god's INHUMANITY? Is god their murderer and rapist too? If your god was really so awful as to OWN human beings (and to CREATE them for his ownership, no less!) then even if he did exist, he would deserve not an ounce of worship or praise. Period.

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