Saturday, July 9, 2011


I have several family members who like to pretend that they're profound thinkers. Come to think of it, I'm probably one of them. I did, however, ant to draw attention to one in particular who enjoys writing what can only be described as JesusNotes. Here are two examples:

"A lot of people know the first part of John 3:16 but not the second part. "For God so loved the world that He gave His One and only Son, (here's the important part) that whoever BELIEVES IN HIM shall not perish but have eternal life." Eternal life means imitate knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ and life with Him after physical death. This promise of eternal life is conditional. One must believe and receive Jesus as Lord. Unbelief is rejection of Christ and leads to hell after death. What is your destiny?"

"Who I have become in You, is grace beyond all measure. In the light of all you are, who am I to found here? Raised to life and crowned with love, Jesus, Yours forever. Majesty and Mercy leads me in this moment, how can it be that I have been chosen by the King? There's no greater honor, there's no greater treasure, then to be known and loved by You, I am highly favored." MWS &AG
Does your life reflect all the love you have for Jesus? If not, why not?"

Let's makes one thing abundantly clear: just because you can talk about a supposedly transcendent force does not make you a philosopher. It helps to learn how to spell "intimate". BUT. Let's skip to the content.

Writings like this really make me wonder why so many Christians claim that atheists are "arrogant".  The statement "I am highly favored" isn't arrogant? It certainly is a dick thing to say. The idea that you KNOW what will happen after someone dies is also arrogant, especially when you claim to know the mind of an omnipotent being. *sigh*