Friday, July 8, 2011


Two subjects popped up on my Google alert for "atheist" more than anything today:

This story about New York atheists complaining about a religious reference in a new street sign.
This story concerning pilots who refused to fly the 4th of July Atheist banners. And
This little report on the removal of an atheist billboard.

Admittedly, I think the complaints about the street sign are overkill. That's another story.

What I find interesting is the difference in reactions between these situations. When atheists complain about a religious sign, most average people have an eye roll reaction to "those atheists", always offended by religious references. Even other atheists roll their eyes and post comments that often begin with "I'M an atheist, but..."

When people request that atheist signs be done away with or reuse to post them altogether, the only people who care are... well, atheists.  

Cultural bias? Proof that atheists DO need to be more open and vocal? I wonder....