Wednesday, July 6, 2011

False Witness Much?

Just for funsies I decided to take a peek at the website of a Christian college that I friend of my cousin applied to. Here's a lovely gem from their mission statement:

"Rejecting relativism and secularism, it fosters intellectual, moral, spiritual, and social development consistent with a commitment to Christian truth, morals, and freedom.  Rather than political, 
ideological, or philosophical agendas, objective truth continues as the goal of liberal learning [at our college]."

Does anyone else notice the bald faced lie in the second sentence? If your institution is dedicated to instilling the values of a particular belief system, it is BY DEFINITION not free of ideological agendas. You are also NOT searching for "objective truth". 

I mean, found your institution on whatever principles you want, but for goodness sake, don't lie and make it this obvious. If you're not lying and simply too blind to notice the blatant contradiction in your own mission statement, you probably shouldn't be in the education business at all.

That is all.