Sunday, June 26, 2011


...I am coming out of my week-long funk/illness. This is a good thing because I really hate being sick and in depressive funks. It always makes me more hostile than I'm comfortable with.

Last night, I finally got a copy of "Climbing Mount Improbable" by Richard Dawkins. I'm very excited to start it. I know that there are plenty of people who get on the cases of atheists for "worshipping" Dawkins. This claim is obviously ridiculous-- I don't worship Dawkins any more than Christians worship C.S. Lewis. Still, I have never read books on biology that made my jaw drop the way Dawkins' do. "Unweaving the Rainbow" was especially moving. The universe is such an incredible, terrible, beautiful, overpowering place. Whenever I read about biology, I always feel so humbled and so happy to be a part of it all.

I'm also very happy to have started working full-time last week. Currently, I'm a substitute secretary at Kalamazoo Public Schools. It wasn't exactly the job I was expecting, but it certainly is better than nothing. It's one of those jobs where I feel so powerful and so powerless at the same time. The ladies I work with and I are in charge of so much to make sure that the school system runs smoothly. Yet we hear so many stories, especially from kids who have to enroll in summer school, that are heartbreaking and that we can do nothing about. It really makes me wish a could adopt all of those troubled kids....

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